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Welcome to Pêche en ligne, the Web reference site for your fishing videos. Whether you are looking for new techniques, species of fish or destinations, you will find what you need through Pêche en ligne.

Throughout the year, you will tag along on the fishing trips of Daniel Leclair and his different partner, You will discover many sides of their favourite pastime and they will share their know-how with you. Action, techniques and fun will be part of each episode.

We hope that you enjoy Pêche en ligne and that you will visit us regularly.

See you soon!
Daniel Leclair


For me, fishing is more than a simple pastime. I have always been very passionate about it.
When I was young, I would have fun trying to fish with a stick and some fishing line. After years of experimentation, patience and perseverance, I have acquired a great deal of experience which is sure to provide some unforgettable outings.Although I am skilled at catching various species of fish, I particularly enjoy fishing for musky. I have been an active member of Muskies Canada for several years and take part in a number of annual fishing events.
What I want most is to inform and entertain you. I sincerely hope you enjoy visiting our Web site as much as I did developing it. See you soon!
Daniel Leclair


Since the age of 5,fishing has become my passion. Fortunately ,i have the good luck of living 30 seconds from the shores of Lake of Two Mountains,and it has become my favorite playground.

Like Daniel ,musky has become my most sought after species,and it is because of this that our friendship,as well as that with other professional fisherman,has begun. I am presently trying to involve myself as much as possible in the sport fishing world and became an active member of the Montreal chapter of Muskies Canada in 2004. In January of 2008 i took on the positions of Special Events Director,as well as Editor for our release journal,and it is here that I met Daniel and our friendship begun.

Since then Daniel and Jean-Guy have asked me if I would like to join the Peche en Ligne team and I gladly accepted. Working with these two has been a great pleasure, and I have really enjoyed working behind the camera as well as in front of it to create some great fishing shows.I hope you enjoy watching these shows as much as I did helping create them.

All dreams can become reality!


Jean-Guy Côté

Gabriel Leclair

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